springtime in seattle.

spring in seattle


i don't think i've appreciated spring ever as much as i do this year. i've always enjoyed it, but it reeeeeally hit me when we were out for a walk about a month ago and i felt like all my senses were awoken after a 4-6 month gloomy dark slumber. the smells! the sounds! the colors! the warmth! i just looooove it. its only gotten better from there.

aaaaand its only mid-april! keep the springy goodness coming, seattle!

all photos snapped on my iphone6 the past couple months:

brace yourselves for a visual feast/heart explosion:

how is this reaL?!?

i basically skipped down the street and rolled around in the grass crying on this particular afternoon. not really, but i was just in absolute awe of all the glorious pink petals everywhere. this has been the most prime day so far, i think april 13, 2016 to be exact. a guy came out of his jolly pink petal-ed house with his cute little bicycle and he could tell i was freaking out about his amazing cherry blossom situation. he seemed pretty proud of himself.


sunsets lately aren't too shabby, either.

i think pale pink and green make a very nice pair. you liiike?

also, i aaalmost love the fallen cherry blossoms more than snow. almost.

^^^ sunset view from our kitchen. i'm actually watching the same thing happen from the back porch as i type this :) :) :) :) :) 





weekends out & about.

eyyyyyy, i'm finally coming out of hibernation and remembering that i live in a cool city. here's what i've been up to the last couple of weekends.  all photos from my iphone 6.

wouldja look at these beeeeautiful flowers?

^^^my bff husky pup, dubs, at the uw vs. cougs men's basketball game. huskies win. woof.

last weekend i hung out with my girl allison allllll day one day. we only end up seeing one another every few months, so we always hop around to a bunch of new restaurants or bars that we've never been to and hang out all day. i loooove it, because i love going to new places. and i love allison :)  we went up to capitol hill because there are so many new food & drank joints popping up all the time.

first stop, general porpoise doughnuts. oh boy. so freaking cute and sooo delicious. i got the chocolate marshmallow donut and a delish cup of coffee. the sun came out and we enjoyed our goodies while basking in the warm rays with the windows open.

i came back here the next weekend to get a different flavor. sooo good. 

also, check out the bathroom if you go. it so fancy!

next we walked over to the new optimism brewery. its huuuge! we sampled allllll the beers. i liked the moxee brew the best. 

ain't she just darling?

we also hit up linda's tavern for an afternoon drank since we noticed a lot of places were closed...what gives, cap hill bars!? i hadn't been to linda's in some time! 

we went to mezcaleria oaxaca for dinner because it was still sunny out and we thought we'd be able to sit on the roof deck. not open yet :/  still enjoyed some yummy eats!

the rain came as expected and we ducked into the comet tavern for a bit. a cap hill classiq. 

oh hey, its a.jo in her hood. she lives like where frasier might have lived. haha. she took me to big mario's pizza which was a coooooL little spot with lots of different slices and cheap beers.

good times, allison. until our next pub crawlin' afternoon! :)

the next day, pete and i took the cheddar bus out for a spin. i got this pillow below printed from an iphone photo i took at lake shasta on our road trip last summer. this company collage.com reached out to me to use this photo in some marketing material, and gave me a free product from their site. i'm glad we got a fun bus pillow with a memory from our first big road trip in it :) i was super happy with how kt & her mum's pup pillows turned out for their christmas gifts, and i was pleasantly surprised to see that the photo from my phone turned out so well when printed, too.

also loving our new mexican blankets that we got during our trip to cabo.

pete and i went to the ballard farmer's market and had lunch at el borracho. it was pretty good and they offer a lot of different meats like rabbit, duck, goat, and lamb. we were not crazy about the sweet cinnamon-y/nutmeg-y flavor that we tasted in most of the meat and salsa. i dunnooooo bout that...

but those teeny tiny fresh donuts you can get at the farmer's market are stellarrrrrrrrr. we ate some. just sniff em out.

i volunteered at spreefest at snoqualmie for work. my workplace is cool for many reasons, but also because they offer volunteer paid time off. so, i got paid to volunteer. heheh.


some ol' gal pals back together again :) that's kt with her beloved roomies from college. they hadn't seen each other in ages. i was happy to see them for a minute, too!

time for some good ol fashioned bowling alley chinese fooooooood. yeah!!!!!!!

say whAt? yeahp. this bowling alley near our house as surprisingly good chinese food. we're making a lot of believers out of this place. at least 13+. we always have some fun/weird times at roxy's. and salt & pepper wings!!!!!! get those.

for sundee brunch we went to lost lake cafe in capitol hill (after we got that fluffy general porpoise doughnut breakfast appetizer, that is). its super funky and feels like ya fell right back into the 70s in an olde lake cabin. its pretty cool. i appreciated all the bob ross style paintings for sure. we wanted to sit by the fire, which was nice and warm, but basically broke our backs leaning over to eat our food. oh wellllllls. chilaquiles para mi, breakfast burritos for the boys, and biscuits & gravy for kt.

the wind was insane that day!!!!!! it was pretty scary, actually. pete and i walked down to lowman beach park in our neighborhood. the water was super rough and it was crazy windy and cold.

probably the best spot for a tennis court, eh? we need to get ourselves some rackets.

the beginnings of spring time in seattle are simply gorgeous. much like the transition into every other season. we're crawling out of that glooooooomy seattle slump! i am welcoming the extra daylight with open arms and can't wait to get out and about more!