fresh concord grape juice.

who am i?

i nevvverrrrr ever liked grape juice and/or grape flavored items of any sort.  however, i love grapes.


we bought these concord grapes at our local produce stand recently, not really knowing what we were buying.  when i got home and smelled and tasted them, i was like GASP this tastes like artificial grape!  i then had a real epiphany that "artificial grape flavored" things actually are accurately flavored after a type of grape......i had always thought it was a big made up sham flavor, like the way that watermelon things don't reeally taste like watermelon, ya digg??

anyhoo.  i forgot all about

those adorable welch's grape juice commercials

from back in the day that clearly state that their grape juice is made from 100% concord grapes.  durrrrrrr, quinn.  i guess i didn't care to pay attention to them because i never thought i liked grape juice.

oh, what a treat! they conveniently play the entire little rascals movie after

this video

 on youtube.  spanky is sooo dang cute in this commercial and he makes me extra excited about my grape juice.

sidenote, i'd be prettyyyyy dang confident entering a little rascals movie trivia competition and/or line-reciting contest.  this might be the movie i watched the absolute most growing up.   none of that old tymey little rascals stuff, just the 1994 version with all the cute kids.

i still say,

"thank you, my good man"

to pretty much everybody.

ooh ooh, watch

this video too

if you give a hoot at all about these rascals.  makes me feel old as the hills.

these grapes parade around looking a lot like big fat blueberries.

 we decided to put them through the juicer and see what happened.

good things happened.

we ran the grapes through the juicer maybe 3 or 4 times until it seemed like most of the juice came out.

 and we were left with a delicious and beautiful fresh glass of frothy 100% grape juice!

it was perfectly sweetened.  we didn't add anything except a little bit of cold water.

we've been keeping it in a jar in the fridge and i go take a big swig every now and then.  its just so flavorful and juicy! 

the frothy stuff settles on the top after being refrigerated for a while, so you could scrape that off if you don't want the foam.  there's just pure grape juice down below.

100% juice for 100% kids, like meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.