homemade pumpkin purée.

my first post on squarespace!  still trying to figure this all out after having used blogger for 4 1/2 years.  thank heeeavens for my friend sara at work who figured out how to move her blog to squarespace all on her very own. i would have been so lost without her help.

so, is it too late to talk about pumpkins?  

this was my first time making my own purée; i gotta say, it was super easy.

i was at the store a few weeks ago holding a can of libby's pumpkin purée.  this old man walks by and says, "with all the pumpkin shortages, you're going to buy that can?!?"  i just stared at the can for like 10 seconds and then was like, "ah man, you're right.  i can make my own."  he just cackled and looked real proud of himself as he walked away.  

thanks, mister old man at the store, for making me learn something new.

see? just a whole bunch of pictures in a row and i don't know how to put words in between.  i'll figure this thang out soon.

pumpkin purée!  i had a couple of pumpkins still sitting around the house and just chopped em up, roasted em up, and puréed it up!  after the fact, i was wondering if i'd even used a sugar pie pumpkin like you're supposed to.  the purée didn't seem as smooth as can be.  oh well.  i'll have to make something with it and see if it works.  if not, then i'll know for sure that those sugar pie pumpkins are a vital step in this pumpkin purée making process. 

just be so careful when cutting open the pumpkins. eeek.  gut it just like you would when carving a pumpkin.  i found it most useful to use a grapefruit spoon to scrape off all of the stringy parts, but you could use a serrated knife too.  i was going to rub the punkins with olive oil, but then decided on coconut oil instead :)  i roasted them in a baking dish with maybe 1/2 cup of water in the bottom.   roast those babies for about an hour at 375 degrees F and let em cool.  peel the skin of the pumpkin off of the flesh.  then purée the flesh up with as much water as needed to make the purée smooth.  i used a food processor, but i think this could be done in a blender as well.

will report back on the outcome of an actual food item prepared with this first-timer's purée!