honey mustard chicken salad: weeknight edition.

when you read "weeknight edition," assume: lazy edition.

i got hit with a mad craving for honey mustard this afternoon.  so, i made some. and a salad to go with.  along with some pre-made chicken tenders <<< that is where the lazy factor comes in.  also, iphone photos.

half-assed wannabe food blogger alert!  well i think there's only like 2.6 people who actually read these words, so i can say and post whatever!

ooooh. dramatiQ salad game. it's starting to get darker earlier, folks. :(  that's my absolute least favorite part about this glorious season thats upon us.

i probably wouldn't ever share a for-real recipe using pre-made chicken tenders that i simply removed from the freezer and crisped up in a hot pan of oil.  but when it's meant for weeknights...i share.  

these photos were just taken on my iphone this evening.  i honestly think my motive to share it right away was the fact that i heard a lot of "mmmmmms" from peter's general direction.

you can't even see whats in the salad! boooo.  it was really very tasty and satisfying, though.


fresh spinach (not from a bag, YO!  from a bundle! from the produce stand!)

one tomato

yellow & green bell pepper

snap peas

crimini mushrooms

garbanzo beans

pickled red onion

green onion

chicken tenders!

heated & crispified on the stove in light oil

[i applaud you if you make your own from scratch!]

it's monday. gimme a break.

honey mustard:

1/2 cup plain greek yogurt

2 TB dijon mustard

2 TB yellow mustard

2 TB honey or agave

black pepper