sprite remix popsicles.

back in 8th grade or so, you could find me drinking up all the sprite remix on the back porch. remember that stuff? the original version they made was the BEST. so delicious.

i haven't forgotten it over the years. i think they've been coming out with new versions or something? i'm not sure. but i just have the fondest memories of its fruity fizzy deliciousness in the 2002 era. i think i always thought that it tasted like a magical elixir of skittles and carbonation.

i'm always up for trying out a new popsicle concoction that i've thought up. i often have burst memories of how much i used to love sprite remix. so i thought i'd make it in popsicle form.

look at all them berry beauties. just gawwwjusss.

and let me tell ya, the popsicles actually did resemble the taste of 2002 sprite remix. huzzah!

i think that adding an extra spritz of lemon and lime in the popsicle molds would be a nice touch. but overall, super easy to make & super refreshing. and if you were like me, guzzling sprite remix in the summertime, these will make you happy.

Sprite Remix Popsicles


  • 20 oz. Sprite
  • 1 cup mixed berries: blackberries & raspberries, etc.


Wash your fresh berries. Add a few different berries to each popsicle mold. Fill with Sprite, leaving half an inch of space at the top. Place the popsicle mold handles onto each mold and place in the freezer for about 4-6 hours. At this time, you can replace the popsicle mold handles with wooden popsicle sticks if you desire. Add a touch of Sprite if there are any holes or gaps in the popsicle form.

Freeze again overnight. I usually freeze all popsicles for 24 hours to ensure they're frozen all the way through.

obey your thirst, i say.