new tape deck.

yes. that's correct. we got ourselves a brand new tape deck. because we were made in the 80's babies.

it's for the volkswagen, folks.

pete & i are going on a week long road trip from seattle to san francisco this may. we plan to take highway 101 all the way down, stopping at breweries along the way, and camping in our surprisingly comfortable volkswagen camper bus.  our "destination" is the berkeley area to visit our friends marisa & foster who recently moved down there.  pete is a firm believer in the notion that "the journey is the destination," hence the old tymey tape deck, our weird and eclectic collection of cassette tapes, and the fact that we are pumped to do this sunny volkswagen road trip some justice and listen to cassette tapes on the open road for six days.

pete whipped up this little console this weekend! he tore out the original one that was starting to sound all LoOoOoOoOoPy when we'd listen to certain tapes.  it was actually pretty funny to hear, but maybe it'd be nice to hear what the actual song sounds like...

too legit to quit. even my celine tape.

it is february and we are making preparations for may. we are clearly excited to see some sunshine and go on an adventure!