crazy hangover waffle supreme.

heyyyooo. this one goes out to all my savory-tooth peeps out there.

enjoy tots? cheese? and eggs?  well i've got an easy savory snack to rejuvenate your soul.

its a trashy meal disguised as something cool [?] looking.  it all begins with the tot waffle.

accompanied by pan fried crispy cheese

you could be extra legit and start with real live potatoes, but tater tots already have built-in crispy brown exteriors that waffle so beautifully within minutes.  this is a lazy person's dream.

throw some shredded cheddar on a pan in a circle

crack an egg in the center of the cheese

add black peppa

cover and let the egg cook until the yolk begins to slightly glaze over

when the egg is done to your liking, remove the pan from heat and let the cheese cool and get crispified.  it should begin to look like lace.

carefully plate the tot waffle straight out of the waffle iron

place the cheese & egg combo on top of the tot waffle

garnish with green onion and mow down!

crispety, crunchety goodness

let the egg yolk be free.

add a hot sauce and/or sour cream.  become satisfied.  take a snooze.

feel the healing powers of potatoes, cheese, & the incredible, edible egg.

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