cinco de mayo fiesta & quinn's signature guacamole

boy, do i loooove cinco de mayo.   

a day where i am both encouraged and expected to eat guacamole and tacos and drink margaritas?!?!? 

 life is good.

some would say that my dad "makes the best guacamole." its simply not true anymore.  move over, tom.  new guac-master in da house.

our guacs are actually super different.  i've been perfecting mine over the years and this one is IT!

sweet pete got me

this legit molcajete

for christmas. it instantly makes the guac look auténtico as heck, si?

perhaps all i consumed today was guacamole and coronas...

oh and margs.

also, there's nothing quite as refreshing and delightful as a coca cola and a street taco on a sunny day.



Quinn's Signature Guacamole!

Every guac is different.  Use the following ingredients in the amounts that you prefer!  This is just the combo I can always count on :)


  • avocados (mashed with a fork, leaving some chunks intact) 
  • lime
  • tomato
  • cilantro
  • jalapeños
  • red onion
  • a spoonful of chunky salsa
  • salt & pepper to taste

fiesta fiesta!