4th of july on lopez island

our third year in a row spent on lopez island for the fourth of july.

always the summeriest of times!

cutest little lunch picnic, in a red wagon to boot!

night riderzzzz.

not pictured: pete hauling brother tim behind his bike in a donkey cart to the bar.  probably one of the funniest things i've ever seen.  only on lopez island could you pull up to the bar in a rickety old rickshaw and not have anybody take a second glance.  we fit right in.

pete's aunt and uncle's awesome fairy tale house.

henna pup.

triple sailboat party!

fireworks on the water = best ever!


sooooo much smoke in the sky from the fires in canada!  so spooky!  this photo is completely unedited:

back on the ferry.

delicious pizza in mt. vernon!