fresh fruit firecrackers.

who doesn't love a good firecracker come summer?

those were always my fave in the summertime.  i loooooved blue raspberry things and would love getting to the blue layer after the lemon layer.  chomp chomp chomp.

unfortunately, blue raspberries aren't actually a thing, so i had to make do with the closest-to-blue fruits that exist.

popsicles are sooo easy to make and so versatile.  and healthy, i suppose. all that's in these is


[and coconut milk in the white layer]

just puree each type of fruit in the food processor and separate into little jars or bowls.  freeze the red layer for about 45 minutes, and repeat with the white and blue [purple] layers until the whole popsicle is frozen!  i stuck the popsicle sticks in just as the "blue" layer started to solidify but was still soft enough to push down into it.

have you ever had a golden honeydew??? that's what that white stuff is.  it's super sweet and delicious! i don't really care for regular honeydew melon, so i was glad to discover this.


just in time for the fourth o' JU-LY!

red layers:

strawberry + peach  OR  watermelon + raspberry

white layers:

lemon + coconut milk + golden honeydew

blue layers:

blueberries + blackberries + raspberries (for extra juiciness)

cheers to warm summer nights and delicious frozen treats!

pretty much all of these photos were taken at around 9pm or later.......can you even believe that noise!??!!?!?  iloveitsomuch.