green chili pork tacos with fresh grilled corn

taaaaaaaco niiiiiiight.

pete and i first made this dinner when we were camping.  we've made it at home several times since.

campin' tacos.  who knew?

grilled corn.  one of the summeriest of things.

hey, margs too. 

because i said so.

this pile of golden goodness is awesome to have at the ready if you don't use it all right away.

handmade tortillas are the only way to go.  i would actually like to make them by hand myself, but ya don't have to.  i like to use

these ones

in yellow corn.  they're the best!

so we just throw a browned pork shoulder in the crockpot overnight with a container of fresh green salsa or a couple of cans of green salsa.  and one can of beeeeeeeer.  we use 


. duh. 

after eight hours on low in the crockpot (or four hours on high), you can easily pull the pork apart.  i think in this pic below,  pete cooked the meat without the salsa in the crockpot, just beer.  we like to put the pork into a cast iron skillet and let it brown up a bit before we eat it.

then add some grilled corn, cut off the cob.

also, throw your tortillas on the grill while you're at it.  most definitely.

add a crumbly white cheese, if you please!  and hot sauce.

we are certifiably obsessed with

el pato jalapeΓ±o hot sauce

.  oohh, this website tells me that you can buy it 20 bottles at a time! perfecto.