summer birthdays & weddings [and beyond]


here are various photos from summer birthday celebrations, weddings, and other thangs!  

mostly photos from my iphone.

 baby finn!

baby maverick!

 seattle-to-portland finishers

stp #3 for pete and whitney! good job, folks! 

i hopped off the stp train after year #2.  but proud of these two for keeping at it!

204 miles.

the craziest/best/coolest sunset i've ever seen! right on a hill by our house.  also shown in the first photo above.

piper's portland pizza party!

i made my pizza loving friend this banner for her birthday getaway in portlandia.  we stayed in a cute airbnb and i happened to know the folks who owned the joint.  small world!

an unfortunate thing happened having to do with my iphone and erasing all my iphone 6 photos and re-downloading all my old photos from my iphone 4 onto this new phone......suuper irritating.  thank goodness for shared cloud albums and the fact that photos you send to your friends stay around for a while in case you need them to send them back to you.

anyhoo, i lost a lot of photos from the last month that i was bummed about.  some were resurfaced from various sources.  

back up those photos people! upgrade your icloud storage!  don't lose all of your friends' wedding photos like i did!

da corndog at interurban in pdx.  yuuurrrrM.

 and that concludes piper's birthday weekend photos.  wahhhh :( damn you, iphone update that stole my precious memories.

pete's hops have been growing so well this year!  he just started harvesting them today.  

lauren & levi's wedding day!!!!!!

[these are photos i lost in my whole iphone ordeal, but seriously SO thankful for the shared cloud album i did with my friends.  i was able to re-save a lot of the photos i had shared with them.]

lauren and her pops, virgil.  love that guy.


some of my beautiful friends.

the gorgeous bride gettin' down on the dance floor.

so much fun!  i love weddings where you know everybody.

photos from pete and my photo booth set up that we made.

shout out to my 52krew.

spice up your life.

ooooh and my friend


that i haven't seen in years! so much fun.

lovely birthday dinner for peter's mom in their amazing backyard.  her garden is insane!

ashleigh's birthday bash at birch bay!  again, lost a lot of photos.  recovered some of us with this cute dog, though. haha.

aww yeeeeeaaa.

gimme that dog.

carly & cameron's wedding day!!!

i spend a whooooole lot of time with this genuine human.  my coworker, ian.

so gorgeous in there! it absolutely POURED down rain during the reception.  thankfully we were able to be inside.  the traffic in seattle on this day was absolutely nuts because of the weather and wind and power outages.  it took us 2.5 hours to get there when it should have taken an hour :(  pete and i missed the ceremony because of it and i was super bummed.  but at least we got to have dinner and party with these fun people!

carly's cute hand-sewn napkins double as beer coozies and/or pocket squares.

 heeeere come two of the raddest people ever! 

such a nice wedding celebration.  i'm so happy pete and i could be a part of it!