celery + ginger juice.

happy 2019!

honestly, i just felt like taking a few photos when i recently juiced some celery with ginger. no recipe here! although, i wished i had a lemon to add to the mix here.

i know celery juice is allllll the rage for health purposes, but i do not like celery. adding fresh ginger really makes it drinkable for me and a bit spicy too! lemon would be really good in this.


i juiced up 2 big bunches of celery stalks and a big piece of ginger (probably 5-6 inches, & left the peels on) and yielded more than 24 ounces of juice. if you despise cleaning your juicer like i do, this was a great item to bulk-juice and store in a jar in the fridge. i drank about 6-8 ounces of the juice each morning until it was gone.

also….immediately after cleaning the juicer, i went to put it away and dropped a few pieces of the machine down this dark cabinet abyss in our pantry and i have no idea how we’re going to get them out. there’s probably a treasure trove of half eaten bags of chips down there, too.


here’s to the memory of this celery + ginger (+lemon) juice refreshment, and to hoping we can fish the juicer parts out from the deep dark corner of the pantry in 2019.