lauren's bachelorette party supply kits: las vegas style!

my good ol pal lauren is gettin hitched this summer! a bunch of gals and cousin joey made the trek to sin city to celebrate lauren and her upcoming nuptials to the wonderful mr. levi nelson.

here are the kits i put together for everybody on the trip: 

{this particular one starring the amazing

alyssa wilcox}

the bride to be.



each vegas survival kit included:  


bandaids (for the feetzies)




hair tie

burts bees

diamond ring shot glass

"lolo came to party" balloons

2 Sticky9 magnets

of each person with Lauren over the years

waterproof disposable cameras

pizza tattoo from


 (a huuuge hit---my friends and i are #1 pizza fans)

Yolo 4 Lolo sunglasses

amazon is a dream when ordering oodles of various bulk items!


i had these balloons custom printed, but i won't mention where i got them from since i wasn't very pleased with my experience.  i was supposed to end up with a variety of colors of balloons, and got only white.  i'm glad i ordered these super far in advance, because they showed up exactly a month after i ordered them. 

everybody absolutely loved them and were super surprised, so it's all good :)

thankfully all these lovely people contributed money to the cost of these kits.  i was just bursting with ideas after we booked our trip to vegas and i knew i had to act on it.  i'm so glad i did.  everybody was genuinely surprised and thankful.  i love my friends!

here comes the bachelorette party!

miss piper

molly, lauren's soul sista

linda, lauren's real sister


joey, lauren's cousin





and for the lady of the hour, lauren lamb:

i felt weird getting specific magnets of lauren and me to hang in my kitchen since i did this project so far in advance.  i didn't want people to come over and see the magnets because these kits were supposed to be a surprise for everybody.   i got this one of lauren and me from when we first moved into our college house and had a big ol party and made lots of money :)  i also got a sticky gram photo of peter and me together so it was less weird than having two random photos of lauren lamb and me displayed in our home. haha.

lauren's kit.

"shit just got real."

a phrase i heard lauren say after levi proposed and they were finally engaged to be married after 7+ years together.  i just so happened to find a temporary tattoo of this phrase. 

the pizza tats were way better though.

fun was had by all!

we cannot wait to celebrate lauren and levi's wedding this july!!!