ricotta toasts, three ways.

it allllllll started when this piece o' bread convinced me it was a donut.

this rustic campagnolo bread (the brown one below) seriously takes on donut-like properties when toasted and buttered.  the key here is butter.  it was the wildest thing.  i honestly felt like i was eating a donut, on two separate occasions.

i put these cherry preserves (thanks greg & rebecca!) on this buttered slice of 

grand central bakery's campagnolo

 toast, aaaaaand it was so mega delicious and mysteriously donut-like.  later... i made a regular ol grilled cheese sandwich with the same bread...and it tasted like a donut, too!  like whaaaaaa!? 

i began researching this magical bread straight away.  all i know is that its made with honey and yellow polenta, so maybe thats where it gets its sweeter characteristics.

howeverrrrr, when not buttered, the campagnolo bread does not take on donut-like properties.   its very earthy and more like a rye when plain...

rye bread and donuts do not go hand in hand for me...

its all so puzzling.

sooo, then i went on a toast making spree!

here's how it all went down.

grand central baking company campagnolo

on the left, a plump baby loaf of pugliese on the right.

the pugliese is most delightful and seems like a middle of the road bread, somewhere between the likes of sourdough and white as far as texture and flavor.

sometime a few years ago, i was seriously pondering how badly i just wanted there to be a place where i could get a good piece o toast in the morning with a fun topping......

fast forward to 2015, and its alllllllllll about the damn toasts with fun toppings.

uggghhh, why didn't i execute?!? 

nobody wants to shut up about avocado toasts or ricotta toasts right now.  i'm personally very into these types of toast because they are scrumptious.  so i won't shut up about it either!

so anyway.  here you have ricotta toasts.  in three different variations.

campagnolo toasted well, buttered (!!!), ricotta, cherry preserves, topped with fine espresso powder

the espresso powder was such a lovely addition!  it just boosted up the flavor of the cherry.

[ps. i don't even usually like cherry flavored things at all... so apparently i dont like the classics, according to

my last post about grape flavors

.  but i DO like these cherry preserves that peter's friends made and gave to us]

i don't know what it was, y'all.  but it really tasted like some sort of fruity donut!!!

i don't get it either.  just believe me.  it was a toasty miracle.

now here's "the classic" in the trendy toast trends.

pugliese with ricotta cheese, avocado, fried egg, black pepper, & red chili flakes

last, but not least, is the ricotta + nutella and raspberries.

pugliese with ricotta cheese, nutella, & raspberries

[i would switch it up with whatever fruit you see fit, like nanners.]

toast toast toast toast toast toast everyboddddyyyy.

all three toasts are delicious and flavorful in their own special ways.

mmmmmm! good mooooorrrrrning, toast lovvahhhs.