olde film photos.

pete found some photos from his old film camera that we took loonnng ago! i just LOVE looking through real, tangible, hold-in-your-two-hands photographs. there is just something so great about it. i don't even care if i don't know the people in the photos... i wanna see em!

here are some that i found the other day. i'm thinking this is 2009-2010.

^^these are my favorite. just look at pete's pure joy being pulled behind the sailboat. not even wakeboarding or waterskiing or anything, just a good ol' fashioned swim-behind-a-boat-while-holding-a-rope sesh. that boy lives to swim.

^^ oohh this picture gives me so many college feels. i'd probably just packed up my little bags and scampered off to hang out with pete and procrastinate my homework on a school night. or maybe we just got off work (we used to work at starbucks until 2 or 3am!). wearing my hood was the best (perhaps even my trademark? my college "look," haha!); the pinnacle in comfort. i don't really wear em up that often anymore, so this pic brings me back to all the days of rollin round town in my hoooood. rollin on a bicycle, that is, because i did not have a car. i essentially had two outfits: my all black smelly coffee starbucks work outfit, and an arsenal of hooded sweatshirts that i wore to school, at home, and to bed. 

^^ i love looking at these because i can tell who took which photos. i think its really sweet & adorable to see a photo that peter took of an otherwise bramble-y, unappealing area in the woods with a few pretty daisies or buttercups popping up. its so interesting to see how different people interpret a given space and how they use a camera to capture the space. the close-up mushroom photo...that's just more my style (i also did a pencil drawing in college of that mushroom photo, so seeing it again really brought me back!). i like to get up close to things. pete likes to capture things in a wider context. 

^^ this photo of me sinking in our inflatable water craft...peter just taking a photo from afar instead of helping me. lololol.

^^ these pics crack me up and also put me right back into the "stress" of college. pete visited me at the ceramics studio that night, where it looks like i am having a great time. he left to go check his work schedule and then came back with TWO beverages for me, a smoothie and an americano. because he wasn't sure which one i would be in the mood for (and because we got that shit for free). but, how sweet is that?! he was in freaking engineering school and could have been doing a zillion more important things. i love that guy. 

art school is weird because you're just forced to create, create, create on a whim. all the time. even when you have zero inspiration or have no idea what to do for a project, you still have to come up with something. there are so many projects i look back on and i'm like, whoaaa i can't believe i made that. because when you're prompted to make something within a certain theme, you're already being put outside your comfort zone. anyhoo, that photo is me undoubtedly scrambling to make something out of clay that would hopefully become a revolutionary work of art. definitely didn't happen. except maybe this huge tootsie roll i made. i still like that thing!

i'm so glad these photos exist. as amazing and convenient it is to be able to see billions of photos on a digital gadget at all times, there is just something so much more meaningful about photos taken on a film camera. you've only got one chance to get the shot, and the outcome is so much more authentic and real.

also, i ought to lay off the triangle-y patterned home goods.