baby kai.

baby kai! first baby boy of my friends, carly & cam. this kid is destined to be so cool.

he is such an adorable little dot and they just love him soooooo much. i'm so glad i was able to take photos of him while he was still so tiny and insanely cute.

i usually don't take many portraits or photos of people. i've done it, but its not my all-time favorite thing. i'll take couples or engagement photos for friends as long as they're aware that the process is pretty awkward if they're not used to being in front of the camera. "what do i do with my hands?????" photographers who are skilled at directing & capturing humans are amazing to me. some people are just SO brilliant at it while i mostly feel like a dur-dur head in the process.

HOWEVER, i had an epiphany while taking these photos of kai. and that is that i ENJOY taking photos of babies! babies are just downright cute and the photos will inevitably be cute. you don't have to tell them to do anything or put their hands anywhere or look a certain way. i thought i would stray away from portrait photography for the most part, but baby kai changed my feels on that subject which is surprising to me and exciting.

also carly & cam are just the coolest, chillest people and so easy to be around. so their casual backyard baby photo shoot was relaxing & enjoyable for all of us :)

^^^ i mean, look at these 3 precious peaches.

sweeeeeeeeeeet baby boyyyyy.  thanks carly & cam for having me over!