new york city at halloween.

wow, this post is mighty delayed seeing as it is now fEbRuArY. 🙈

i went to look at a photo from new york last fall and realized…i never posted them!


my friend whitney and i went to nyc over halloween - our 3rd trip to nyc together! it just worked out that we’d be there over halloween, but it was a fun time to be there. so much great people watching.

deeeeelish lamb bucatini at bar primi.


ima get LoooOooOoOooSe tonight. ^ haha somehow we were singing a lot of pitbull during this trip.


the rooftop view from our fave airbnb (it’s in the west village). they got all these big loungers since the last time we were there.

autumn in new york. doesn’t get much betta!


new yorkers go hard on the halloween decor. we did a lot of stoop lurking to find the best ones.


i’m wit it, new york!


roof bar at eataly. rooftop hangs were a theme.

we had such beautiful weather for it being the end of october :)

mmmmmm rubirosa pizza!! this is where i met alison roman :)


creatures of habit. bubby’s brekky. i just love their james beard blueberry pancakes, man.


halloweeeeeeeeeeen! miss frizzle sighting.


most new yorky moment.

we didn’t dress up for halloween but we still went to halloween parties? lol. a large red teletubby took this photo of us.

my favorite. mcsorley’s! when pete and i were here last winter we had the absolute best time.


brunch at two hands. v trendy.

always a great time, nyc.


palm springs.

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-13.jpg

i am lucky to have grandparents who live in a beautiful, relaxing and warm climate that's just a quick plane ride away.

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-2.jpg

i am also lucky to have my grandparents.

they are truly THE cutest. they are 91 and still so in love with each other. they start to miss one another when they are in separate rooms. they are so good to one another and can also be sassy with a sense of humor. i love watching them together. this june is their 70th wedding anniversary. omgomgomg. i love them so much. 

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-24.jpg

pete and i just went down there for 5 days to visit my g-parents, spend some quality time in the sunshine, and also see our friendzies for the weekend. 

^ mt. rainier always so majestic from the plane. 

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-3.jpg

the grapefruit trees at my grandparents' place were brimming with these monster grapefruits! we plucked em off each afternoon for the next morning's breakfast. they smell incredible right off the tree. and they're HUGE and so juicy.

my granny used to have grapefruit halves set out in the morning when my family would be down there visiting - and she'd always pre-cut around the little wedges so it was easy to eat. what a sweet dear. it's the most pleasant time there in the morning. sitting out on the front patio with fresh grapefruit & coffee, the view of the desert mountains, palm trees, birds chirping, and the smell of all the warm flowers. all the feels. 

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-11.jpg
Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-12.jpg
Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-10.jpg

it was super hot. about 105 degrees each afternoon. none of the elders even wanna go outside in these temps, so we had the pools all to ourselves the entire time. 

desert beauties.

^ early birds at arrive. avo toast and mimosas by the pool, don't mind if i do!


pool boyz & margaritas. so fun to lounge around with marisa & foster on a saturday morn.

we had a fun & funny cinco de mayo!!!! so happy to have this arrangement with our pals who live in LA now and they've been driving over to the desert the last couple times we've been in palm springs. love ya maris & fos!

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-6.jpg

^ grapefruit pluckin' time.

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-22.jpg

^ this one goes out to my girl A.Jo.

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-4.jpg

^ night moves. 

we did an early morning hike at tahquitz canyon that was pretty quick and fun. there was a pretty little waterfall oasis at the end. 

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-21.jpg
Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-18.jpg
Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-9.jpg

always a glorious chill time spent in the desert. when you're laying poolside staring up at palm trees with a HOT breeze over your bod, its quiet, the birds are chirping and you can smell the desert flowers, you've hit peak relaxation. 

Palm Springs-QuinnsPlace-23.jpg

be back, p.s.!