volksfest 2015. moxee, washington.

peter and i headed out to eastern washington last weekend for our first volkswagen show, volksfest!  it was a cute and fun time.  there were lots of characters there to chat with, games, activities, and prizes.  mostly people just walking around and swapping stories about their volkswagen tales.

there were so many cute cars.  i took lots of photos:

eastern washington is like a whole different world on the other side of the mountains!  that day in seattle was grey and chilly.  once we crossed the mountain pass, it was full on summer again.

bus gang.

i liked this teal-mobile the most.

i got shit to do!

the hawaiian car club was the cutest.

all the cheddar busses unite to cruise the ave in yakima.

if we go next time, we need to be in this circle o' campers.  we just camped wherever was space.  maybe they'll let us in the cool camper club circle another time.

a glorious morning.

apparently its all about the vintage circus tents?  so many people had them.


perfect setting for this, too!

they played lots of old groovy tunes and played 'herbie the love bug' on the big screen at night.  actually i think they were watching x-men or something... but it was supposed to be herbie. 

 it was all pretty dang cutesy.

we made brekky in the morning, hung out for a few of the events, bought a few trinkets at the vw swap meet, then hit the road home.

thanks for the fun time, volksfest!