autumn montana mules.

pete got me these glorious hammered moscow mule mugs for christmas last year.  i love them.  they are beautiful and keep your beverage so so so icy cold!

i do love me a good moscow mule, but i discovered that whiskey mules are maybe more tasty to me!  i'm not a crazy big whiskey drinker, but i quite enjoy this whiskey + ginger beer.

i originally had a montana mule at

rachel's ginger beer

in pike place market in seattle.  this is when i realized that i enjoy this version a bit more than the vodka variety.  RGB is amazing by the way.......i really really love ginger, so this place is mah jam.  the blood orange ginger beer is soo fab.

i've seen whiskey mules called "montana mules" or "kentucky mules."  i'm not sure what the official mixology title of this beverage should be, but i would assume you could name it after any place where the peoples consume oodles of whiskey... [???]

i think it sounds best with the m + m alliteration. oh yeahhh. alliterations always.

ps. don't be hatin on the dirt cheap trader joe's rebel yell whiskey... i hadn't realized that we already had a whole bottle of whiskey in the freezer before i spotted this bottle at tj's.

oh wells!! whiskey drinks all fall and winter in this haus!


!!! is so yummy.  i think reed's is the go-to ginger beer and ginger ale in town.

ah fooey.  i just realized that i shot this with the ginger ale bottle, but i had a reed's ginger beer here, too!

my favorite ginger beer that i've discovered out in the wild is probably


. has it!!! ginger beers are usually non-alcoholic.  mmm.  it's so good.  i had a bangarang moscow mule (or 2) at

fadó irish pub

downtown seattle and encountered this delectable crabbie's brew.

these here whiskey mules were concocted for fall times.  i just felt like having a refreshing whiskey + ginger drink, added the standard lime wedges, threw in some apple slices for fall flare and a bundle o' fresh mint from the garden. 

and because mint makes food pictures look much mo' betta.

these beverages were crisp, cold, zingy, slightly boozy, and full of flavor. 

and with bonus-super-cold-whiskey/ginger-soaked apple slices to chomp on, too.

pack that mug with ice! the colder, the better. 

add a couple of ounces of whiskey, about a cup of your ginger beer of choice, fresh lime wedges, thin crisp apple slices, and a bunch of fresh mint.

and you're set to enjoy this super chill cocktail.

better drink some now, before its butt-ass cold outside.

oh boy. i'm thirsty.

Autumn Montana Mules

Recipe makes 1 drink // Easily multiplied


  • 1-2 ounces whiskey
  • 8 oz. ginger beer
  • 2-3 lime wedges
  • 2-3 thin apple slices (fuji or honeycrisp, etc.)
  • fresh mint


Add the whiskey and ginger beer to a copper mug.  Give it a stir, pack with ice.  Gently stir until super cold.  If you have crushed ice, use that!!! [I freaking love crushed ice.  It makes every cold beverage better, I say.]  Squeeze lime and leave wedges in the mug.  Garnish with thin apple slices and mint, for extra excitement.