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i have so many photos to share from our short 2 day stop in london! i actually thought i could consolidate allllllllll of the photos from our entire europe trip into one post, but LOLz nope that's a crock. i figure, what's the point of taking all these photos if i don't share them. even if nobody looks at's very cathartic for my brain to release these photo dumps out into the wild.

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i'll also be sharing photos from ireland, amsterdam, cologne and nyc! eventually :)

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^ i feel like lots of big attractions are under construction when i travel. there's big ben up there, which i did not even notice it because of the construction junkola. same happened in athens when i saw the parthenon.. womp womp. 

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one of my favorite things we did was go to borough market! this was 3 days before christmas, so it was super festive. there were sooo many amazing eats & treats and vendors and all the mulled wine. it is located under the london bridge which feels so cool and london-y.

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i don't think i took a photo of the big filled donuts we got from bread ahead, but they were scrumptious. everything was so beautiful and delicious looking.

there was an a cappella group here singing a mix of christmas songs and beatles songs. loved that. good vibes while enjoying a spicy mulled wine.

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so many fresh juices. wowzah i want em all.

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^ not a bad happy hour view of the tower bridge. nobody was even at this bar... wha??

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^ my favorite travel buddy.

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^ we rode the cutie double decker bus to shoreditch to have dinner at dishoom. it was really delicious indian food. our waiter told us that people usually order 3 dishes each, which i thought sounded like a lot but maybe they were small portions? maybe he was tricking us? oh my g we had to eat so much. it was so good, but whoa we did not need to order three items, each! 3 total dishes would have done the trick. i don't think i got a photo of all the food we ordered. luckily our airbnb hosts wanted our leftovers, haha. 

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we had such fun bopping around to different pubs on this night. there are SO many adorable & cozy pubs around every corner. it's the best.

we were staying at an airbnb pretty far outside of london - a 40 minute train ride - so this day we had explored london from like 9am until after midnight when we left the pubs. it was a long long day and we walked 10 miles and 28,000 steps according to my phone.

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^ crazy cool sand castle christmas village!

^ delicious savory pies from pieminister. with gravy & red cabbage slaw. yummmmz.

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^ our CUTE ASS airbnb in weybridge! even though weybridge was a substantial train ride from london, we also enjoyed this little town a lot, too. and the train was easy to navigate into the city to the big waterloo station.

^ this coffee shop was so funny to me. all of their cups and sugars and things had goofy sarcastic comments on them. it was just silly and unexpected. 

oooooh la la. notting hill!

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we rode the tube to notting hill & portobello road - which peter could not remember the name of, so he kept calling it 'mushroom lane.' i was dying.  

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the chimneys remind me of mary poppins step in time.

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London December 2017-51.jpg

^ yikes, brah!

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^ here's peter  l o v i n g  notting hill.  lol. he probably couldn't wait to get the hell outta this instagramville.

but you can see why i enjoyed it! it's all so dang charming and cute.

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^ i like this.

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we were so glad to have spent some time in london and i'm glad i got to be there in all its christmassy glory!  :)

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